About Us

products24-7 are independent e-commerce retailers whos main aim of this web site is to make it an effortless

online shopping experience 24 hours a day 7 days a week and one to remember

so that you may add our site to your list of favourites

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products24-7 is an Amazon Associate and as to this means the web site acts 

as a referral shopping site to Amazon.co.uk having viewed products and wish to purchase them 

the final transactions are via a secure online connection directly to Amazon.co.uk checkout page

were a secure payment will be made.

products24-7 has no control over stock,payments or delivery so customers are advised
to read the terms & conditions of Amazon.co.uk.
As we only maintain products24-7 web site for a gateway, referral link we supply an email address 
for a webmaster only products24-7@btconnect.com 
any questions reference your browsing,stock,sales,payments or delivery you must contact Amazon.co.uk
customer service help page
products24-7 is absolutely committed to your privacy;
As we do not sell or charge for any kind of goods or service we do not collect any information from you 
only if you email us regarding a web site link matter would be the only contact then
your information email address will not be shared with, sold or rented to any third party
Website availability/access

products24-7 reserves the right to take the website down as we see fit. This situation will only arise

through technical problems (maintenance) and would not interfere with your referral browsing.

This site is a free service as for that products24-7 will not be held responsible for browsing

on the third party referral link ie Amazon.co.uk If you continue to browse and use this website

you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the above terms and conditions of use

which together with our policy govern products24-7 relationship with you in relation to this website.


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